Weekly News January 6, 2023

The January/February/March 2023 Courier Newsletter has now been delivered to your door and are also available online here and on our mobile app.

Reminder: The 2023 KCOA Assessments have increased to $107.72 per month per lot as of January 1st.  Please note the HOA will no longer accept cash or checks at the office.  You can use one of the following 5 ways to make your monthly payment: 1) MAIL PAYMENTS TO THE TRUIST PROCESSING CENTER to the address on your coupon. 2) TAKE YOUR COUPON AND PAYMENT TO YOUR LOCAL TRUIST BRANCH. 3) MAKE PAYMENTS ON OUR MOBILE APP by downloading the Kiln Creek mobile app on your apple or android device and click on “Pay Dues”. Our “My Account” tab is also coming soon! 4) MAKE PAYMENTS ONLINE at www.kilncreek.org using the TRUIST link. 5) SET UP FREE ACH MONTHLY PAYMENTS THROUGH TRUIST. **Please note this option takes 3-4 weeks to process the first payment.  Please plan accordingly.**

The 2023 Annual Membership Meeting and Election is coming soon! Nominations for Candidates for the Board of Directors are available on the member portal of our website, in our Courier Newsletter, and available hard copy at the HOA office. Nominations are due to the HOA office by 5:00pm January 23, 2023.

Our Book Club will be meeting this Tuesday, Jan 10 at 6:30pm at rec center! Contact Kitty Kope for more information at kittykope@comcast.com.

Our KC Garden Association will be meeting on Tuesday, January 17th at 1:00pm at the Rec Center. They will be making Valentine’s cards for loved ones. All residents welcome! Call Amy Oliver at 757-753-2843 for more information.

Come out and join our newly formed Fiber Arts Group!  They will be having their first get-together on January 19th from 7-10pm at the Rec Center.   The group is for residents of all ages and skill levels who have an interest in sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet or other textile arts. Group meetings would be an opportunity for members to work on personal projects as well as a time to share their interests and expertise with others.  The get-together events for this group are meant to be a fun, relaxing, and creative format to bond with neighbors.  Questions, please contact Ming Morford at fiberartsmeetup@gmail.com